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The Resurrection of Livia

From the depths. I reappear.

Actually, it’s just from two years of two knee replacements. Still no excuse though. I honestly could have been furthering my studies. But I was lost. Defeated. Sir Johnathan would not be pleased with me. I promised him I would continue on. But I feel the time is right to make good on that promise.

Simply stated… to excel at any endeavor or “Sport”.. Time, Patience (with yourself) and Dedication are essential. Some just take longer.. Time and Patience are to be shared with your “Trainers & Teachers” but Dedication is ALL your Own.

He said that to me on June 15, 2011.

So, maybe I did have to take my time. Maybe somehow, deep down, I knew the Hell that was coming with these two knee replacements. It doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I have let him down. But I’m equal to the task of making it up.

I was his Protege and Apprentice and I don’t really feeling finding a new Peer. So I’m going to build on the basics of the plan he started me out on. A lot of it I won’t be sharing as that was his wish but the new stuff that I add I will be.

I’ll be working in three different areas: Physical, Mental and Education. They are pretty straightforward. Physical will be the fitness and fighting part; Mental will be the get my head right part (meditation etc) and Education will be the research part. I want to be able to teach classes at events so I need to really get a handle on my subject – Roman Cavalry horses.

This is my reading list that Sir Johnathan started and I added too.

The Prince, Machiavelli
The Rule of the Templars, J.M. Upton-Ward
Rome and Her Enemies, Jane Penrose
The Known World Handbook
SCA Rules of Combat

Lots to do. But I have the tools to get it done and I have the new knees to be kicking ass with!