Livia Tasia

This blog is about my journey back into the SCA and back into heavy fighting. I’ve been out the last few years due to many things mostly injuries. This will be my journey to overcome those obstacles and get back into armor!

My persona is 140 AD Greek/Roman.

Enjoy the ride!

  1. Just found your site by accident from the Armour Archive. Wanted to encourage you to keep up the work and the web site.

    I started my blog almost a year ago, and while I do not post often, I do enjoy knowing that now and then others read it.

    Great job, and who knows, maybe we will have a chance to cross swords one day.

    Stefen le Sanglier

    • Greetings Stefen! Thanks, I wish there were more people that did blogs. I love reading about others experiences as they move along the Path. I’m hoping to go to Pennsic and Estrella next year. It would be fun to meet the Armor Archive crew!

  2. Hi there Livia,
    I ended up on your website via the Archive. Keep it up!! My advice to you is that the best way to increase your prowess is a mix of helmet time, physical conditioning and film study.

    None of these three should be neglected…there is no substitute for actual fighting, but strength training and cardio at the gym will pay huge dividends. Likewise, watch lots of fighting videos, and ask questions of your mentors about how to incorporate techniques into your fighting style.

    There are some good vids on my youtube channel, and some other fighters’ channels that are linked to mine.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Dietrich von Stroheim

  3. Salve!

    I read your blog with great interest. It is good to see that you are getting back in the swing of things (literally). I hadn’t realised you’d been sidelined for some time. What period are you focusing on? I’ve been reading up on Late Antiquity for the past several years and thoroughly enjoying it, but have a boatload of information on early principate, particularly costume and daily life. I am NOT a garb snob, and if I can help in any way, either with garb or encampment (I noticed your posts on the Steps a few weeks ago), please let me know.

    I also enjoyed your comments about Sir Caius. I lost contact with him several years ago and miss him.


    Julia Sempronia

  4. Jason Griffiths of ShadowHyrst

    I would suggest you wat the video clips of Duke Paul of Bellatrix regarding the sword position. The information is on his website. After looking at the ‘sun source’ for most of the SCA fighting beginning in the early 1970’s, you should review the ‘basics’ and look at the current methods to see where your personal position and what form does you best.
    We–fighters–started diverging in the later 7o’s and figuring out other methods to accomplish a shot–posiitons that best served offside shots, the chicken-wing, goofy foot, parallel stances, boxing positions, etc. Depending on you, and your ability, the stances/sword positions will develope to suit your needs.

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