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The new Princess by Her Own Right in Cynagua has really gotten me to think. I want to win Crown in our Kingdom. I don’t think it’s out of my reach. And I don’t think that is vain of me to say. There is not one reason why I cannot win it.

But, I have to get started. And that is where I stand stuck. I have a few pieces of armor to get fitted, I need to really get into shape and get some wicked stamina. I need to not be lazy. I need to want this in reality as much as I want it in just thinking of it. And I think of it a lot.

Here is a video of Sir Mari in their Finals.


Just beyond cool.

So I’m needing to come up with a plan of action. Cardio, weights. I’m going to start some big time swimming as I keep hearing that is a good low impact way to build up muscles. My focus areas are my knee and neck.

I have zero concerns about my armor. It will protect me, however, I’m most own worst enemy with regard to my knees. And as I’ve mentioned before a bit nervous about the prospect of one of them blowing out. But I refuse to let that stop me. I know there are fighters that have dealt with much worse and come back on top. And that’s going to be me.

Then, I need to start going to practice. And not just talk about going to practice. And not just the same practice but multiple practices. I’d like to start a Facebook page for Kingdom fighter practices that could include ride share info where a bunch of people could be traveling around to different practices.

I need to set quill to paper and start working through a plan of action and keep up with it.



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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. Lochloinn MacTavish

    I would love to see a woman win crown.. of course I would also like to see more chivelry in the society, both on and off the field. As to knees, unfortunatly I cannot find plans, but I have heard of a fighter would built his leg armor onto the heavy duty sport braces. Good Luck, and I look forward to seeing you crowned one day.

    Lochloinn Mactavish Of FernGlenn from the Shire of Pendale

  2. Jason Griffiths of ShadowHyrst

    Glad Duchess Mari has inspired you [I think that is one of her subtle goals].
    Being in shape is extremely important, especially as you advance through the liist–a shot that was good in early rounds usually is weaker in later rounds due to exhaustion and muscle fatigue, so a llof the strength you can hone, and ability to deal with exhaustion is important; and being pull up those reserves needed when you need them.

    The clip of the finals was interesting from both the context–two known fighters, apparently friends fighting, meaning not only do they know the others style, they are also fighting for the fun of it. This is a GOOD THING. When it is fun, more honour and chivalry is evident, as opposed to trying to win from PROWESS. So many aspects of the original chivalric beliefs seems to go to second place when Prowess is the reason for fighting. When fighting because it is fun, Chivalry seems to be more in front and on stage. On the inside of my shield with which I won crowns I had written ‘Victory through Honour’ and it also ended up in my Earl Coronet.

    From a technique standpoint, because they were both big guys, there wasn’t a lot of obvious hip movement to bring in power since they were appeared to be using only arm & shoulder strength, which imo, is a weakness in technique, but also could be the result of being tired.

    Good luck in your training; it has to be consistent so you keep going to the next plateau of not only endurance, but skill.

    Jason Griffiths of ShadowHyrst

  3. Jason Griffiths of ShadowHyrst

    BTW, Fergus and Mari ARE friends. Fergus is squire to Jarl Rolf the the Rerentless, with home Mari reigned many years ago as Queen in the Kingdom of the West. They have done a lot of fighting over the years, and Ralf said, after the fight, ‘you killed her 7 times, but not with enough force’. And that has been a problem for him after many fights. Same with Mari. Plus the bad technique at the end.
    Fergus is a really fun fighter–you would enjoy fighting him. Mari is a fun fight too, but you would learn from her, as she has had to overcome the male bias and push through mostly male ranks of the West to achieve skill. Fortunately she has had good teachers, Ralf, Duke Hauvec, Count Gemmeni.
    Also, she has been the idea and promoter, and enthusiasm about the ‘Knights Errant’, a moving group of Knights who go, on a monthly basis, around the Kingdom to a local fighter practice so people and fight Knights without pressure, learn, and have a little more fun fighting others.

    Jason Griffiths of ShadowHyrst

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