The Ballad of Goofy Foot

I noticed something interesting when I was doing my Wii boxing workout. I had the same boxing stance as my swordfighting stance. Goofy foot forward.

For my non SCA readers that means left foot forward stance. Goofy foot seems to be looked down upon by many a teacher. And there are some pretty valid reasons for this.

Sticking your goofy foot out, you need to be really aware of your shield or your gonna get legged. Plus, as I understand it, goofy foot is a defensive stance, not offensive. So moving into an offensive stance from goofy foot needs to be done with care. I learned this at Sport of Kings.

Try as I might I cannot get comfortable with sword foot forward. It is just not going to happen. It’s not my normal stance and I spend more time trying to make the wrong stance work than figuring out how to work with the one that does.

As long as I know I have to watch out for that leg I think I can do it. Now, put me up against Sir Tiernan, Sir Skeggi or any of the others and maybe I’ll find I can’t. But for now at least I’m going to work with what is comfortable and feels write.

Because I need to he focusing on my shot placement. But, that my friends, is another story. 🙂



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  1. Jason Griffiths of ShadowHyrst

    Goofy foot, just like the chicken wing, is atool for the arsenal of a fighter. It has its place and a use, unless you are truly dysfunctional. So, too, are the ‘here’s my leg, hit it while I take your head’ trick of Duke William of Houghton of old.

    Goofy foot allows a couple extra inches of reach and can cause a momentary confusion ion less competent fighters, and as a tool while moving forward, allows a continuous aggressive attack if you can hit, ‘goofy foot forward’.

    I have used both sword foot forward [goofy foot] and shield foot forward, as well as both feet forward, or parallel–depending upon the situation and reason–but not until I had full conquered the ‘proper stance’.

  2. I started out parallel until someone showed me it was making me too off balance. But I’ve seen some guys pull it off. Some fighters are really against goofy foot though.

    I thought maybe if I learned how to make it work in my favor then I could just use it without trying to force myself into sword foot forward.

    Most of the time I’m too over focused on what my stance is that I lose what my blocking and shots should be.

    Watching the Crown finals last summer it was interesting to see some of the top fighters switched between goofy and sword foot. So maybe a combination of both is the key.

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