One Ring to Rule Them All

Within seconds of any trailer or promo for a medieval/fantasy movie or tv show comes the inevitable criticism of the armor and weapons. It’s only natural if you are into history. And if you have a deep love for a specific time period.

And when you see some of the ‘making of’ pieces and learn there were historical advisors – it may make you scratch your head on how they could get the armor so wrong.

Pieces that wouldn’t have been in that time period, wrong style of saddle, stirrups where there should be none, creative license added on to armor and weapons. The list goes on and on.

But the same is done within our own group. Hockey gear, jeans, tennis shoes. But you might say, maybe if they had those items back then they’d have worn them too!!

And we have minimum standards we are working with. After all, we don’t truly want to kill each other! There’s been a lot if educational effort in covering modern pieces/items. There are even some fights that the only way you get in is with very period armor (Pennsic’s Combat of 30).

I think creative license for movies or the SCA is fine. One thing I gotta wonder about is women’s armor. A friend brought up a comment on Facebook about why women fighters are always missing large amounts of clothing.

The same can’t be said for the guys unless you are watching Spartacus or 300. Maybe it’s just a guy thing. At least in the SCA they don’t let women fight in skimpy armor fir safety reasons but the men need not worry. Plenty of chainmail bikinis to be had off the war field.

I think it all boils down to your taste. And there’s the entertainment factor whether it’s movies or SCA. I heard someone say they may suck on the field but they’ll look good in their armor!



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  1. Lochloinn MacTavish

    You can fight in skimpy clothing of you really want to. You just have to make sure you meet the minimum armor requirements. 😀

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