If You’re Not Having Fun… You’re Doing it Wrong!

This is a recurring saying in almost every Kingdom I’ve read about and it’s certainly true. If you don’t enjoy getting into armor, working up a crazy sweat and ending the day more black and blue then when you started (well unless you are one of the better fighters!) then you certainly are doing it wrong!

That said, it doesn’t mean you won’t reach a burn out point. Nine times out of ten I read/hear the reason for burn out is the politics. Just read through some of the posts on the Armor Archive and you’ll quickly see that there is a lot of politics in our swordfighting game. Whether it has to do with spear tips – thrusting – specific weapons related injuries – disagreements with rule changes – the list is quite lengthy.

Now add-on top of that the differences between Kingdoms and wow. I think that is why there are so many off-shoot groups from the SCA. Groups that wanted different rules (grappling) but there was no way the SCA was going to allow it. I really like hearing the fighters that have been around for a long time. They’ve seen more changes than you can imagine. Things like improvements in armor, changes in combat archery – and rule changes.

It’s not always easy to avoid the politics of the game. But there is much fun to be had by focusing on the fun parts of what we do. The camaraderie, the shared victories, the pats on the back during the defeats.

What we do should be fun, educational, inspirational – make it those things for yourself and it will be so for those around you.


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. Jason Griffiths of ShadowHyrst

    Indeed, Livia, I go back to carpet armour and freon can helms. My first armour was when the guy who got me into this mess ]Trygvii Halftrollson, KSCA, OP, OL] and I switched one set ABS armour between rounds. We finally made me armour, and practiced like heck. We both stayed away from politics–fortunately Al Gore hadn’t ‘invented’ the internet for the common man by then, so we only talked to people–and we ignored anything that wasn’t germaine to us–our fighting, our fun. A decision point–you dod what you do, or don’t do, and continue the journey. And then watch every fighter, to learn from–and if you have a mentor, all the better. Fortunately I sought out three during my journey–all taught me to fight, all taught me the underpinnings of what the game is all about [at the time], for which I am grateful.
    And—if it isn’t fun for you, make changes–different weapons, playmates, attitudes, focus.

    going on 36 years of playing in the game

  2. Excellent way of looking at it! I’ve seen pics of early armor. I think it’s cool! I’d like to see a website dedicated to the evolution of SCA armor.

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