There’s No Crying in Swordfighting!

Well sometimes there is but not in front of people! I almost cried once and that was when I tore my ACL. But I waited until I got to the hospital.

I’ve read some stuff the last few days about women in particular having issues with crying when getting hit hard. I think that is completely understandable. It can hurt really bad! Guys don’t like seeing girls cry. They don’t seem to have a problem with other guys crying.

I’ve even read that once a guy noticed a girl crying from a fight, they tended to not hit as hard. I think that is a disservice to both fighters. I’ve read some women cry out of frustration. I tend to just hit harder which isn’t a good option as you aren’t supposed to fight when you are pissed.

I’d never tell someone not to cry if they need to. I won’t do it though, not after hearing what some of the fighters say about crying fighters. I’ll bite my tongue, literally, and wait till I’m by myself if it ever comes to that.

Short topic today – I’m tired from these sit ups. Sir Skeggi is also doing a sort of 10,000 sit ups challenge. He’s also doing a hundred a day. So it’s good to know someone else is doing this!

More tomorrow!


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  1. After several years of training women fighters, I learned that sometimes they do cry for various reasons during fighting (most often frustration it seems to me) and I try to give them a moment to cry, reset and then go right back to it. Men fighters do women a disservice to either lighen up or try to console them. Nor should men look down on women for the simple fact we are physiologically different.

    Women fighters, in my experience, just need a little patience and understanding when they are crying. I recommend men just take one step back and patiently wait and let the woman engage when she’s ready. Then give them the same fight you’d give anyone else.

    Sir Richard Fitzalan

  2. Thank you for the reply! That makes a lot sense especially about the frustration part.

  3. Tasia, have you read Tobi Beck’s book? I think it’s called “The Iron Rose” and she addresses tears in one of the chapters. If you ever get the chance, I would also attend one of her classes. I’m not a fighter, but loved hearing what Duchess Elina had to say. She’s a pretty amazing woman.

  4. Actually when I got into fighting the first thing the guys told was to steer clear of that book and any teaching associated with it. I’ve come to find out that’s how many fighters across the Kingdoms feel.

    I did read some once and then I read a sort of rebuttal piece to her book. I can see where they are coming from. However if people read it and it helps them I say go for it!

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