Calibration Redux

The topic of calibration is certainly a consistent one in this sport of ours. It presents a real dilemma for people who travel not only outKingdom but out of their local practices.

Part of me is getting tired of hearing/reading about it. The other part is wondering if this is truly a serious problem. It must be it people wouldn’t keep talking about it.

Do you hit harder than you need too? If so, why? Caught up in the adrenaline? Think your opponent is a tool? Don’t really realize you are doing it?

I’ve realized there are two things happening. Either I’m not blocking well enough or I need armor adjustments. I keep reading that if a person is armored right they shouldn’t get hurt.

Shouldn’t isn’t won’t though.

Part of the issue is it’s all about perception. Not of the person hitting but one getting hit. You might think there’s no way in Hades you are hitting with excessive force but that doesn’t matter much if your opponent thinks you are.

It’s been mentioned that because our fights are honor based there is no clearly defined set of rules. After some of the fights I saw last summer I question some of the honor part. is there a way to set up defined rules? What sport with rules is similar to ours? Maybe boxing?

I’m not sure what those rules would be. I know that An Tir has a reputation of being a Kingdom of hard hitters. I learned recently that my local area (Portland) also has a hard hitting reputation.

It still goes back to does your opponent think you hit too hard? And in our game where people are striving to become Knights would anyone tell you? I don’t think I would mention it outright for fear of being labeled a whiner. I might ask you to show me how to better defend against the offending shot.

That said I did overhear some Knights telling some of the spear guys they were hitting with too much force at Autumn War.

Discussions like these make me realize there’s a lot of uncertainties in our game. Your best bet is to be armored well and practice your ass off.

Training: didn’t make out to get the pell set up but did work on my 5 minutes of sit ups.



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  1. Malek of Vindrbek

    I do have a question here – are you actually getting injured? (bruises, broken, dislocation, concussion, etc?)
    Or is it more that the shots sting a lot, but don’t leave any marks or bruises?

  2. This post is mostly based on the topics on the Archive that keep coming up about it. I’ve only been seriously injured a couple times and one of those had nothing to do with anything except bad foot work. I shredded my ACL in half. The other time I got hurt pretty bad was a hard shot – but bad blocking on my part.

    I did get a lot of bruises and stings and hits so hard I thought I was going to poop myself.

    But again, this is mostly based on what I’ve been reading which is really making me wonder if there is a big problem. As much as it does get brought up, I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it is a problem. I did read awhile back that the level of skill has really increased over the years and that would equate to calibration levels too.

    That said, I’ve never fought anyone outside of An Tir and the only person I’ve seen outside of An Tir is Uther from the West and he hits just as hard as we do…

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