Project 365 – Livia Tasia Style!

WordPress is doing a Project 365 where you blog every day about a particular subject that interests you. Pictures, whatever. I have a friend that is doing A Year With Horses: and another friend that is a photographer doing a picture blog but I need to get her address.

I thought it would be good to convert this one to a Project 365 because I have a really busy year ahead of me with my swordfighting. In one year’s time my goals are the following:

  • Get into shape and build my strength and stamina
  • Get authorized
  • Attend at least one, hopefully two practices a week
  • Enter my first Tourney
  • Enter my first War
  • Continue on my Path to become a skilled swordfighter that I may pass on my knowledge to others
  • Spiff up my kit with two more pieces from Sir Kerrigan (gauntlets and new gorget)
  • Start working toward a period encampment
  • Submit my Device and Name for registration
  • Co Event Steward my first event in July
  • Volunteer at many events
  • Work on my Pelican and Laurel studies

Pretty big list. But at least the first one is going well. I’ve lost almost 13 lbs. during the month of December. I joined the Lose It! online community and it’s a great support system. You record what you eat and the exercises you do daily. Stay within your calorie budget. It really works!

This past year was a tough one, I lost my Gram and I lost my Mentor Sir Jonathan. My goal is to push forward and make them both proud in 2012. There is never a lack of SCA/Medieval topics to write about, so finding something to write about will never be a problem! And there’s always some hot topic going on at the Armor Archive to weigh in on.

So to update where I am now, I got my armor pieces from Sir Kerrigan:

Leg/knee, belt and gauntlet plus accessories
to attach the legs to the belt.

Sir Kerrigan did such a fantastic job I’m having him make me a set of gauntlets and a gorget with the Greek winged horse on them. I’m keeping my body armor as is though. I’m really proud of how that looks. The rest of my armor I will use as back up and loaner armor for people.

I’ll add a section each day called training. It will include workouts, pell work, book work. I’ll add one for practices that will give a recap on the days I go to a practice. I’ll add pictures and videos as well.

Look forward to any comments/suggestions/tips etc that anyone wants to offer up on how I can do better. Whether its training, learning – whatever. I look forward to having you on this journey with me. It’s going to be kick ass!


About Livia Tasia

I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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