Practice… the (Not) Final Frontier

Practice….. the Not Final Frontier
These are the voyages of the unbelted fighter.
It’s life long mission to seek out awesome new fighters and kick ass new fighting situations and fighting events.
To boldly go where a bunch of unbelted fighters have gone before.


We all know practice is integral to what we do. But, do you realize how important it is to attend a variety of practices? And by variety I don’t mean just in your local area. If you are like me and you are lucky enough to have more practices to attend in one week – then it is of the utmost importance that you take advantage of it.


It opens you up for getting new people, new styles and techniques. This is very very important. If you fight the same people over and over then you run into the situation of not being able to expand your ability the same way you would if you fought a larger variety of people. It also makes you known to other fighters in the Kingdom which is a good thing if you are on the Path of Chivalry.

I think it would be good to have a base practice – your home area for instance, but then try to rotate in other practices in other areas. And if the only practice in your area is your main practice? See if other fighters would carpool to another practice – even if it’s an hour or more away. Share in the gas and food expenses. The benefits are great. Even if it’s just once a month.

That said I haven’t gotten to practice yet myself. I’ve been practicing at home, but realized that my armor while it works is a bit uncomfortable. Until I lose a bit more weight, I’m going to work on my pell with just my helm and gauntlets. I’m embarking on a big fitness contest at my local gym starting tomorrow.

It’s ten weeks. I’m hoping the incentive of a cash prize my kick-start me in the right direction.

But I expect within about three weeks or less the armor will fit better – enough that I’m not thinking of how uncomfortable it is and I can focus on the fighting.

Here is a list of practices within a 2-3 hour drive that I plan on rotating through my schedule. I live near Portland.

Madrone (Seattle) Wednesdays  6:00 pm   3 hours
Blatha an Oir (Tacoma)  Tuesdays    6:30 pm   2.5 hours
Glymm Mere (Olympia) Wednesdays 6:00 pm  2 hours 20 minutes
Fire Mountain Keep (Centralia)  Thursdays  6:30 p.m.  2 hours

Vulcanfeldt (Zillah)  Wednesdays 6:30 pm  3 hours
Wastekeep (Tri Cities)  ??
Hauksgard (Stevenson)  Mondays 5:30 pm  45 minutes
Hauksgard (Hood River) Saturdays 1:00 pm  1 hour

Dragon’s Mist (Hillsboro)   Sundays  2:00 pm  50 minutes
Mountains Edge (Yamhill)   Thursdays   1 hour 20 minutes
Stromgard (Vancouver)    Thursdays   7:00 pm  35 minutes|
Three Mountains (Portland)  Mondays 7:00 pm 40 minutes

Adiantum (Eugene)  Wednesdays  7:00 pm 2.5 hours
Terra Pomaria (Keizer)  Thursdays 7:00 pm  1 hour 20 minutes|
Mid Willamette Practice – Keizer – first Thursday

Lots of options and for that I feel really lucky.


About Livia Tasia

I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. Good stuff. Looks like you are basically in a regional Mecca of fighter practices. Milk that for all it is worth!

    Do you have any video of you fighting yet, Livia?

    Rob (aka Dietrich)

    • Hi Dietrich!

      My new leg armor and belt will arrive any day now and after that I hope to really get going and get some videos of me practicing.

      I want to get some of me working my pell to see if you guys think my basic stuff like stance and hip movement work okay.

  2. OK, great, I’ll be happy to watch your vids when you have ’em and let you know what I see. I’m sure you’ve plenty of access to trainers up in An Tir, but it doesn’t hurt to hear from someone else with a different style too. Unless he is a flaming idiot, which I hope I am not, hahah!

    Pell work is certainly good for muscle memory. Just remember that the best pell to practice on moves around and swings back 🙂

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