Do You Wear Your Armor or Does it Wear You?

“You won’t hurt me”.

Those were the words Sir Torfin spoke to me when he told me to hit him in the head with the sword at my very first practice. My first time swinging a sword. I realized a lot later that it wasn’t about whether I could hit him hard or correctly. It was that he trusted his helm to do what it was supposed to do.

If you’ve ever been in loaner gear and had more bruises and bumps from that than from fighting, you understand how important a set of good fitting armor really is. It’s important for you to step on that field with nothing else to worry about except your technique and the fighter or fighters in front of you.

If you are on the field and you’re thinking that you don’t have enough coverage on your shield shoulder or that your leg armor is pinching the inside of your thigh or that your helm feels ‘weird’ today – then you’re not putting your full focus to your fight and you’re likely gonna get killed.

I know I have some issues with my armor. I need to add the shoulder spaulders and a new set of knees. The spaulders will help with me getting hit in the shoulders upper arm all the time. The knee will allow me to be able to continue to fight rather than yield if I get legged.

Now, of course, if I was blocking better I wouldn’t need to worry about that so much :-), but I am new and as I gain in skill I can remove some of the pieces. The spaulders I have and will get those attached at an upcoming armor workshop with Slade. The knees are being built right now courtesy of Sir Kerrigan along with a set of legs.

My new helm needs padded but my practice helm I have now works good. Everything else seems to be working just fine. I have some adjustments to make on my gorget but they are minor. I will say it’s a bit difficult trying to maintain ‘period’ armor in an SCA world but I think I’m moving in the right direction.

The shield is working really well. People who have picked it up really like it. I do want to get another sword so I have a back up.

I didn’t make fighter practice last week or this week but Monday is looking good. I have a feast event this weekend, the elevation of Dragon’s Mist from Shire to Barony. I plan on helping out with kitchen/feast duties.

I’ve had some great offers by Sir Duncan and Sir Rodrekr to work with them over in the Yakima, Tri Cities area. I have to look up the practices. It looks like Wastekeep and Vulcanfeldt get together once a month. I have family over there so it would be a great opportunity to head over and work with two really great Knights.

I will say I’m nervous about going to practice. I don’t need to be, the fighters are all great, they have been extremely encouraging in talking to me about getting back to practice. But there it is. Once I get over that initial first time back feeling, it will all fall into place.


About Livia Tasia

I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. I really like your blog, I really like your comments on the archive, you come across very well spoken and I hope your enjoying the heck outta fighting.

    YOu are also certainly quite right about armor, I took a nasty gash to the leg from my knee cop digging into my thight, due to adreline it just felt like a pinch..but after..ewww

  2. Thank you!! I appreciate that.

    And I remember all to well getting pinched and poked by loaner gear! I think the whole purpose of loaner gear is to get people to make their own kits ASAP!!!

    Thanks so much for reading!!

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