A Game of Crown

September Crown, 2011, in the Magnificent Kingdom of An Tir –
proceeded over by the
Brave and Inspirational King Thorin and
his Beautiful and Gracious Lady, Queen Dagmaer.

Set Up Day – Once again I found myself on the beloved fields of what will be forever known as one of my best. summers. ever. I met up with Bors the Luscious and the members of the Barony of Glymm Mere and set to task my duties for the day. Those were to mark out the encampments in a big. huge. field.

But no task is too great for I! So, finished I got – and luckily right before dark as folks were starting to make their way on site. And to the encampment of Fire Mountain Keep and Thunder Household I did make my way to set up my own little home for the next few days.

In no time, the beautiful pavilions started rising.

Your naked! huh? Oh, I’m out of garb. I was parking my car on Friday after having checked in at Gate. His Excellency Baron Glymm Mere made notice that there was no one attending parking and I offered to help. It couldn’t be that hard right? Well, got my measurements a little wrong with the distance between cars – but that was easily remedied and I enjoyed helping out. Even with the, “your naked” comments. 😮

A Gift from Friends – The Household gifted me with a beautiful set of garb. It was overwhelming and I had to walk away so they didn’t see I had tears in my eyes. It was such a nice gesture and my first set of real garb.

The other cool gift I received – Lady Morgan gave me the burgundy tunic that I wore at Dragon’s Down, and Sport of Kings, and Autumn War and September Crown…. 🙂

Medieval Noms – Lord Kirill and the rest of the group worked their magic as usual and prepared lovely food for all of us. I learned about using spices as rubs (think Shake and Bake only BETTER). I learned how different spices balance others. And yes, I got to have my beloved Cowboy Beans one last time this year. 🙂

First Court of King Thorin and Queen Dagmaer – well, my first time in Their Court anyway. And such a vibrant, emotional Court. Lots of happy people and surprises. It was a short Court but lots of fun was had.

Fight Bravely! Fight Fierce! The fighting was intense. So many great fighters came out to fight for the Honor of their Lady’s and for our Kingdom and Majesties.

Some of the fights were downright hilarious.


In the end, it came down to Sir Rodrekr and Sir Ieuan. Sir Ieuan won the day for his Lady, Gwyneth.

Horses and Lords and Ladies and….. poo? – I volunteered to be waterbearer for the Lords and Ladies, carrot and poop bearer to the ponies and to hand out weapons. I realized just how important it was to make sure the riders were drinking! It was a very hot day, the bugs were bothering the horses something terrible. Despite the heat, the riders had really good rides and enjoyed the day. Several hours on my feet and I was dragging back to camp but with a big ol’ smile on my face.

Second Court of King Thorin and Queen Dagmaer – if I thought the first Court I saw was something special – nothing…. nothing could compare to what I witnessed in the second. Surprise calls to Court. The most emotional being Lady Khalja and Sir Ulfred. I still get goose bumps remembering their call into court.

The Rider Less Horse Ceremony – was sad as one of my friends, Roger Roger of Beldin Abbey was called and a token placed upon the Barding of the horse in his memory. There were many An Tirans who were remembered. It was a beautiful Ceremony and heartfelt by the Queen and Princess.

Showing off My Armor and Device Help – I got to show off my armor, my shield was especially popular. 🙂 The picture on the back is of Sir Johnathan. Bors gave me some cool tape to put on the handle for better gripping.

One of the consulting Heralds visited our encampment and I was able to show him my device and find a way to rework it so that it should get passed. And it’s an easy change from what I currently have it as.

Fire Mountain Keep and Thunder Recognized – Bors was honored in Court as well as in the Household. Lady Morgan was also given an award within the Household. It was a very joyous occasion. Being in the circle was something very special that night.

Of Drums and Bards – Once again, the event was filled with drumming and singing. We had Hugh the Piper grace our encampment with his beautiful playing and songs. The Bards of Key Point came and shared some wonderful talent. Drifting off to sleep with the sounds of drums was once again a very magical experience.

Goodbye and See You Next Year – clean up day came. And it was with sadness as I moved along in my duties. I didn’t want this to be the last event here until next year. This place that had sparked such great new friendships and nights of more fun than could ever be described in words. We were one of the last out of the field after helping His Excellency Baron Glymm Mere with some last-minute issues. And as I drove off, I thought what a monumental summer this had turned out to be.


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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