Balance… It’s not just for Gymnast’s!!!

So another thing regarding footwork that I took away was His Majesty’s teachings about balance. Duke Paul also covered this. Balance is really a key to your stance and something I never really considered until this last weekend. If you are too far forward and your weight is all on the front foot, then it’s too easy to pushed off-balance. Same for if your foot is to weighted on the back.

His Majesty gave a good exercise to determine your balance. Stand in your stance. If you are balanced you should be able to lift up your front foot and not wobble. Or, lift up your back foot. If you wobble, you’re not evenly balanced. Seriously try it, you might be surprised!

As I remember back to fights I have had, I can see know how off my balance has been. I like to keep the weight on the back foot for some reason. But when you think about it, it does make it harder to shift the weight to take the step. If you are already balanced, you just move. And in a game when milliseconds matter – balance is key!!

I also learned that you shouldn’t crouch low. It was described as how some fighters walk up to each other, set their stance and crouch. So, when I did that, which is what I did because I saw others do it, again, I did not generate the power like I would if I wasn’t squatting so low. And I couldn’t move out of that squat as easily as if I was standing somewhat normal.

Of course I don’t mean like a low squat but enough that you sink down and you are suddenly shorter. So, all that made me question, why the heck am I doing half of what I am doing? Is it because I see Sir Tiernan do it or Duke Tjorkill or Sir Kjartan? Because not only am I likely not going to be able to duplicate a move at their level, but it just may not be right for ‘my’ style.

It’s taken till now to realize, I do have a style. Well, I haven’t figured out entirely what it is, but it’s in there somewhere! So while I can copy the shots, I can make them my own. Even Duke Paul has created a new and better way to teach the flat snap! And while Viscount Sir Donnan and His Majesty King Thorin all have their basis in Duke Paul’s ‘system’ of fighting, they made that system their own. And it’s done them well.

So, I can take what I’m learning from the Knights, the Squires, the unbelted and make those systems ‘my’ own. It made for a real enlightened moment for me today and gave me new vigor to move forward.

On another note, in my quest for the knee armor and in speaking with His Majesty, the Countess Sineidin and a couple of Knights – I came to learn of Sir Kerrigan. Sir Kerrigan is an armorer of leather awesomeness. His work is beyond fantastic. His Majesty made the offer that anyone that wanted to look closer at his knee armor could do so at Crown in a couple of weeks. How cool is that?

Plus, Sir Kerrigan will be there as well. So between the two and Countess Sineidin looking for the patterns for the King’s knee armor, I am so well set to get myself a brand new pair of knees, and likely legs.

I want to share this link and I encourage you to see Sir Kerrigan’s goods. He does the tooling as well, so of course I asked about horses.

Is that not just SWEET? I’m thinking of doing a gauntlet since the one I have is actually Sir Kjartan’s old gauntlet and doesn’t at all fit. And maybe a set of legs to go with the knees and then the legs I have now I would use as loaner armor for people.

I’ve also decided to make some basic pieces leather pieces to donate to the Shire since I absolutely love working with armor.

Happiness is all of this coming together and I’m up to my ears in it. 🙂


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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