Autumn War! Autumn War!

This is my much delayed recount of Autumn War!

To war! The drive up was full of anticipation. I was so excited to get back in the company of my new friends from Fire Mountain Keep. Got the car loaded, said by the dog, piggie and pony and headed out for five days of awesomeness. Got to the site and headed down the road.

Gate… or… really? Gate wasn’t that great of an experience. It started out okay – I gave my name and that’s were the fun ended. Some other folks – likely more important Society members from what I could figure showed up and the Gate person turned her attention toward them. And I waited, and more people showed up, and I waited. Finally I asked if there was anything else I needed – other than the fact that I hadn’t gotten my site token or event copy. I got shot a not so friendly look then handed my token and not my copy. At that point I just walked off.

Gate really is a point where you can set the tone for people arriving. They did not do a good job. But I wasn’t going to let it bother me and went on to find the encampment. There was some tents set up from the previous day and I found a corner in the back and set up there.

Here they come!  The Fire Mountain Keep folks started arriving and setting up. It was great to see them again. Excitement for the event was definitely in the air! After helping with unloading I decided to walk the grounds. The period pavilions had already been set up the day before.

Clan Carn rocked it!

Pavilion Row

There were some really great period encampments. You could tell that people really did their work in putting them together.

Merchants Row or the place to get really cool stuff! I got some great things on Merchants Row – a tankard (a very simple one, but period looking!); a wooden bowl and plate; I got a portable hole to hold my device pole from Master Grendal (I figured I was hanging out around his booth enough I should probably buy something!); a very nifty neck cooler that I used with much happiness at Sport of Kings; a game board that has to do with rocks or something… actually – I have no idea but hope to learn it when I go back up there for Crown and a really cool Autumn War 3D shirt.

Torchlight Tourney: This was the first time I had seen a Torchlight Tourney. I thought initially – how are they going to see? But the torches seemed to give enough life. They had two sides of the Eric. One they could challenge fighters, the other was a more specific type of challenge occasionally over a barrier which was really interesting to watch.

Livia eat! It’s hard to remember to eat when you’re so busy looking around and doing things! But thankfully Tracy kept reminding me and in turn so did Fe, her son, which I thought was cute. It was the Kitchen again like at Dragon’s Down and there were all sorts of noms cooked throughout the event. And Lord Kirill and Lady Alanna were able to show up for Siege Cooking (by the way which the Shire won!). Nom heaven!

Full Moon over the Field: The full moon was so beautiful. It shone over the event with such brightness you didn’t need to have a flashlight to walk around. It made for very nice moonlight walks, dancing, drumming and singing.

First Court: The First Court of the event was very short but full of the local Barons and Baronesses. The War was discussed as well as other event business. It was with great sadness that it was announced the Baron of Wastekeep had passed away a few days earlier and the Barony was in deep mourning. The Baroness made a very brave front as she told the populace they would not be participating in the War. My heart goes out to them.

Baron and Baroness of Blatha an Oir.

Baron and Baroness of Glym Mere.

Baroness of Wastekeep (I believe she is the Baroness, but I’m unsure.)

War!! This was my very first war although I’d seen clips on YouTube. I wasn’t sure what to expect and boy was I not disappointed! It was pretty amazing and it all started out with the Procession of Clan Carn. And it kept going and going and going and going….

It was cool because the day before Baron Alexi of Blatha an Oir had gone into the Clan Carn encampment and started baiting them about the upcoming war. He really played it up! The only downside to the whole Procession was that Blatha an Oir and Glym Mere did not do one! That would have been the icing on the cake of awesomeness!

Thunder Fighters do it THEIR way! The fighters both and Clan and hired made their way to their side of the field and Baron Alexi called his fighters to him and still standing aside were the fighters of the Thunder Household. It was really awesome to behold. I think both sides were awaiting on Fergus’ decision about which side they would fight.

Sir Tiernan came up to Fergus as the Thunder Fighters descended onto the field to ask “So who are you going to fight for?” and he had a big smile when Fergus nodded to Baron Alexi.

Thunder Fighters and Lady Morgan

Battle On! The battle was intense. First it was the open field, then the winners moved to the Bridge, then to the Castle (or maybe it was the Castle then the Bridge – it was all too exciting to keep track!).

Open Field Battle!

The Bridge Battle was pretty amazing. It was a bit of a stand-off at first as pole arms tinked the other end of pole arms. Then as if by some silent command it was ON!

The hay bales represented the Bridge.

When it got to the Castle it got all kinds of crazy! People were throwing other people over the Castle Wall, fighters were defending the the main entrance with the very fiber of their lives and the siege weapons got taken out pretty darn quickly!

Siege weapons overtaken.

Castle battle!


Bardic Awesomeness – Bardic Competition was full of people telling stories, singing and even a comedian leper who was hysterical. But my friends of the Shire played the beautiful Sheep song and won the day. They won a most beautiful handmade scabbard and knife. And since they had to play instruments – they did it by only the light of the torches at dark and they ROCKED it! Huzzah!

The beautiful knife won by Hibachi’s Harpers of the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep!

Drumming and singing and stories: Each night there was drumming and singing and stories. Hugh Piper and Fyrsinger joined in for some great songs. The drummers were in great form. And it was just magical around the fire.

Going to sleep to the sweet sounds of the drums, doesn’t get much better.

Final Court and the winners are…: The Final Court to announce the winners was held and Fire Mountain Keep won the Siege Cooking! Huzzah!

Lord Kirill accepts for the Shire!

Baron Alexi also made great thanks to the Shire for allowing the event to be held on their lands. The Shire was also recognized for their hard work during the set up of the event. Huzzah!

It was all in all a very cool and fun event!!!! I cannot wait to go back! Thanks to the Shire for their generous hospitality and great friendship!


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. A wondrous account of the happenings. I sadly have to correct you on one thing, the fighters of the “shire”. Those were Thunder fighters waiting to pick a side 🙂 THUNDER!!!!!!

  2. Aha! I will correct that!!!

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