A Life in the Day of the Shire

The nights before the event I spent studying the Known World Handbook to make sure that I understood the basics of the what I might be able to expect. The Courtesy, the titles, oh and the very handy camping check list!

The drive up to the event it was on my mind – would my new friends like me? Would I fit in? Would I do my Master in Atenveldt proud by helping out and learning? Winding my way up to the camp away from Civilization, I got more and more nervous. For a brief second I thought to turn and run until I saw the tents and then the excitement kicked in.

Set up at the event had already begun, so I came upon some people sitting among the tents and found myself in front of the Baron of Glymm Mere. I wasn’t sure was I to bow then so I sort of tripped instead. If he noticed, he didn’t say! After a bit of visiting I wandered to the starting of the encampment of my new friends and set up my tent. It wasn’t as daunting setting up by myself as I thought it was going to be.  Soon others began to show up and as I made my way around helping people unload and unpack a thought came across my mind… it feels like I’ve known them forever! They were so welcoming.

That’s me in the middle!

The first night was food and fire and lots of fun banter. Sitting under an open sky with no distracting street lights was an amazing sight. Add the beat of the drums and it was something to behold. It had been a long day, so I had turned in early and fell asleep to the soft lullaby of a song about body parts, oh my! 🙂

Day one and the rest of the populace begins to arrive more new friends and set up and talk of the event to come. I began learning the intricacies of medieval cooking and spices, the art of the battle and the fun of everything in between! It was Gate duty for me  alongside someone with such a sense of humor! And walking back to camp as the sun set and the stars rose the smell of camp food filled my nose and the beginnings of the drums flooded my ears. Two gentles did come forth by the name of Fyrsinger and Hugh and shared many a song. Drums and tambourines and laughter filled the air. I set myself to sleep to the drums again.

Day two brought about fighting and more learning. As I watched the armor inspections with great interest John said that Junior Marshal class was starting that I should join. Of course I was right there, listening to the Baron and Fergus teach their knowledge of how to keep the fighters safe. Gate duty kept me from the majority of the fighting but I was able to watch the warm ups and imagined myself being there one day very soon.  After Gate there were games. A German tavern game that I cannot remember the name of but have become completely addicted too. A numbered board that you roll dice and set down items (baubles or trinkets or whatever your delight) and as others roll numbers they set down their own little treasures and when you roll that number you get to take them! I ended up with some great little tokens and ideas of more to get!

Bacon and quail oh what a delight! Being picked to judge the Siege cooking contest was both exciting and really tough. The secret ingredient was quail and bacon and all the contestants did such a great job. It took the judges a really long time to pick between the top two because the dishes were so tasty. It was my first time eating quail and it was reallygood! It was quail with savory spices on rice that won the day!

No mead for Livia for the smell was Divine! I learned about curtains and smells and all things that go with mead making. While I couldn’t partake of the tasties (meds drat them!) I was able to smell the flavor and assist by holding the divine drinks in the light. It was Rhubarb Mead that won the day!

Bardic battle! The Bards came forth and stories they did tell, songs of great dragons and SCA as well. But it was a haunting melody from a friend on the dulcimer that swept away the Baron and Baroness and won the battle that day.

Court and awards! The Baron and Baroness of Glymm Mere did hold Court to watch as winners of Heavy and Rapier and all the other contests did come forth. Scrolls so beautiful painted with dragons so mighty.

Cowboy Beans! Cowboy Beans! As soon as I heard that cowboy beans would be made I thought of them all through the day. And then time came to partake in the feast and down the hatch into my belly! Better than expected I told the great cook.

After dark fun, the tattoos did come out! A contest was held and though I think Nolan who had done is own tattoo work was the winner, we both tied for first and thus were decorated with a handmade necklace and I received a beautiful scroll. The last night there and as I watched the stars and listened to the drums and listened to the talking of my new friends, I thought to myself, this is Good.

Final day and a bit of sadness at hand, but not before it was time to throw the sheep across the land! The men bravely threw rocks and the ladies threw sheep and what fun to be had – when you’re tossing a sheep! 25 feet was my greatest throw, but alas I was beaten, by 2 feet more. Camps started coming down and friends bid Good Day. No Good Bye of course, because there was going to be another day. War was upon us and the group would soon gather.

The drive home was filled with a bit of sadness. As the real world encroached and I thought of the new friends I had made. And as I lay down to sleep after a very long shower three thoughts filled my mind. Had I done my Master in Atenveldt proud? I couldn’t wait to see my new friends at war! And that yummy taste, of cowboy beans. =-)


About Livia Tasia

I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. What a delightful post to read. It sounds like you had a wonderful time…I love your excitement and enthusiasm. Was this your first event, Livia?

    Oh, and as a bonus, here is a photo from Warrior Games of yours truly, flinging some serious livestock in a sheep-throwing contest…bet ya never saw anyone else make it look graceful, before! 😉

  2. From one Livia to another (I’m Livia Zanna in Atlantia – 🙂 ) that sounds like a fantastic event.

    I’m also a female fighter, though I had to take the last nine months off for gestation, but I’m just now getting back into fighting trim. :> I’ve got a link for the Oldcastle fighter’s manual if you want to read it, though I like Bellatrix’s manual as well.

  3. Beautifully written Livia and a great recounting. Thank you for sharing it. We had such fun with you and can’t wait to see you again at Autumn War.

  4. Thanks everyone! This was my first camping event but my first event back into the swing of the Society life. I’ve been ‘off’ for the past six years but have been an online member so to speak!

    I’m so excited for Autumn War and I’ll have a bunch more to write after that one. That will be my very first war ever!

    It’s so nice to meet another Livia! Best of luck with your return to fighting!

    The sheep throwing was a new experience but oh so fun! It

  5. I am much gladened that you have found yourself among friends, as I told you, the Event is to be enjoyed, but the simple graces are to be savoured.

    Whitewolf “The Elder”

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