Honoring Your Opponent

I think it’s the little things that are really the big things. The things that you may not really think about, but will set the tone for your fight. Like saluting your opponent. There was a really good discussion on this subject on the Archive recently. It was one I had really never considered before, but should have been. How you salute your opponent can really set the tone.

The discussion started when a fighter had asked about banging your shield as a salute. Many fighters chimed in about the various reasons why someone would do that. Everything from it being within their persona to do so, to actually revving up the crowd, to making sure excess water and dirt were knocked off the sword prior to the bout.

Edward said some very interesting things in that thread.

Recognize your opponent as someone worth fighting.  HONOR him.

I like that. I think it’s really important. Of course then after the salute, whatever method you choose, it’s on to some major butt kicking. For my persona, I learned that a bow with my hilt to my heart would be good. Another fighter would give flowers to the consorts of his opponents. I think that is really cool as well.

And then at the end of the fight, approach the fighter and tell them that you had a good fight. Pick them up if needed or let yourself be picked up. Then move on to the next fight and repeat. I am looking forward to giving it a try.

My armor refitting is coming along nicely. I have another armor workshop on Thursday. Windrose contacted me and my shield is ready. It should be shipping out tomorrow. Then I will just need help to get the edging on correctly and I can start going to practices. I am ready. I’ve got a lot of side work to do.
Duke Sean has some great training videos that I have discovered. I’ll share one a blog until I get through the nine in his series. They are worth watching.

Part One:


In other news, Sir Johnathan the Elder has taken me on as an Apprentice. Is that not just cool. He has been sharing the most amazing stories. Some I will not be sharing here along with some lessons as they are between student and teacher. But I will keep updated on my learning and progress. It’s so interesting his history though. To be a holder of all four Peerages and have a great history with Duke Paul and some of the other über Knights, I have landed in fighter heaven.

We are into Movements now and will be working on Dynamics.




This is my shield grip. I am working on not having the death grip as is actually shown in this picture. I’m going to practice a bit without using the trigger and see if I can stop focusing so much on that.

Things are moving a long very nicely and I have been blessed by the War Gods. 🙂




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