How did I get so lucky??

Not only have a found someone in my local area to help me get back into armor properly, I have now found a Mentor. Count Sir Johnathan Crusadene, Lord Whitewolf, the “Elder”. He holds ALL the Peerages. ALL of them. He has taught many people including the Knight that I quoted in my previous blog Sir Johnathan, the Younger.

I am so incredibly honored to have him take an interest in my Quest for the Path. This is what he wrote to me:

“There will be many lessons to learn along this path you have chosen.
There will be many, many “exercises” to sharpen your focus along the way.
You will learn to breath.
You will learn to dance. such is the “Pas d’ Armes”.
You will become confident in your Skills as they will increase.

The Answers are all here…all you must do is want them.”

Isn’t that great? And I most definitely want them. So we are getting started on the very basics. Getting to know my history and other stuff. I feel that with Lord Whitewolf that my Path just got a major jump-start. I will strive to do my very best for each task he sets before me and to do them in a wear that bears honor on his teachings.

In other news, my shield has been ordered!! Yep, the order is in and I should get the shield next week at the earliest. So, I will have it prior to Sport of Kings.

I also ordered some very very basic garb. Just some T-Tunics and breeches that I can wear with my Roman style sandals. I don’t really like wearing dresses with the exception for the Feast season. At outdoor events, I’m more comfortable in tunics and breeches.

If you read my Facebook comment about people cornering me and lecturing me on my garb, then you’ll know I’m a bit leery, but hey, as some said in response, it is an attempt. And I don’t want to focus a bunch of money into clothes until I get back down to where I normally am weight wise. Even then, I’ll probably still wear tunics and breeches!

I got my camping gear today. All modern but since this is my first year ever camping at events, that should be fine. I’ll work on my period camping prior to next summer.

Things are really rolling now. I’ve got events lined up, volunteering at events lined up, armor refitting underway and the next step will be getting to actual practice. I think I’ll start with the Three Mountains one and then go to different practices around the area so I can get the widest variety of different fighters to fight.

Even though I’m all fluish – I’m major happy dancing today!

This picture represents where I was and where I’m heading back too.



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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. This is a great step for you. From what I’ve read of your posts on the AA, it seems that having an experienced Knight with a good head on his shoulders to mentor you is exactly what you need.

    If you get some video up of you fighting, I’ll be happy to offer some advice here and there. I’m not ‘anybody important’ in the SCA, but I’ve taught my share of fighters and won 14 heavy tourneys in the last 4 years, so I know a little of what works 😉

    Best of luck to you!

    Dietrich von Stroheim, Atlantia

  2. Thank you! I would consider it an honor to have you review my fighting tapes. And how can you say you are not anybody important?!! 14 Tourneys in the last 4 years?!! That’s pretty awesome!

  3. Sure thing Livia. Just send me the vids when you take some! I am of the opinion that a camera and tripod is a MUST (if budget allows) as part of the ‘gear’ for a new fighter–being able to see yourself on film, slow down, rewind, seek advice from senior fighters, is a very important training tool.

    ::grins:: Ahh, I meant I’m not a Duke or a Knight, in terms of ‘importance’, I’m just an ex-prizefighter who has settled down and found a really fun hobby that still lets me get out my fighting urges 🙂 And I have enjoyed some success at this, yes, but I still have a long path to follow.

    And I’ll be happy to help you along YOUR path as I go!

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