The Art of Knighthood and the Basics of Fighting

Count Johnathan from the Archive said something recently that is full of awesomeness:

” The belt does not make the knight important. It is the knights that make the belt important.”

I mean, how cool is that?

So I’ve thought a lot about it since I read it. And I think I’m going about this all wrong. The end goal for me shouldn’t be the White Belt. The goal for me should be to strive every day to act Knightly. In all things whether volunteering at an event or working with the fighters at practice or interacting with members of the populace online.

I’m not sure if I ever shared this video but check it out – it was from May Crown.

For my non SCA pals, here is an example of a fight. This was for the Crown. The guy facing the camera is Sir Tiernan and one of the first fighters I got the opportunity to work with when I started fighting. Isn’t this just a wicked fight? How could anyone not want to be in armor?

I’ve been reading up a bunch on the actual goings on in Tourney fighting. Count Johnathan says this about it:

“It’s never good to call your opponents blows regardless of rank. It is an honor sport. Keep your honor intact and let the other guy worry about his.”

I watched fights where guys didn’t take shots. I’ve watched how they got pulled aside by a group of White Belts and had a not so happy talking too. I even wrote about it in my Opposite of Rhino blog awhile back. I’ve seen it a Crown Tourney where one guy that in all appearance seemed to not be taking shots got the crowd riled up.

But then reading yesterday I learned that there are many reasons why someone wouldn’t take a shot and the most important thing is the crowd is not in armor. They can never really know how the shot felt. If it was really light despite appearances from other angles.

I don’t want to be at either extreme – rhino and taking everything. I’m sure after I start getting some wet gambesons (similar to when we mention that a horse needs wet blankets – or a lot or work time) that I will find that happy medium.

Oh and if you are not on the Armor Archive, I cannot stress enough what a great place it is. Even if you just lurk and read, though engaging with the guys is also fun!

Photo©Mark Virtue 2007


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  1. Count Johnathan is my Son in whom I am well pleased.

    Whitewolf Sr.

  2. He is full of awesome and of course you must be as well!!

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