Moving right along!

My armor workshop with Slade was GREAT! The armor refitting wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be. I was mostly concerned with the increased size of my chestical units but that didn’t turn out to be that much of a problem. An easy fix of adding a couple of panels that can be removed as I lose weight and get back down to where I used to be.

I thought maybe Slade would be embarrassed when it came to talking about cup sizes (bra) and he didn’t flinch. Which was cool. Even when the conversation turned to female cup protection he was fine. He’s worked with a lot of new people so that is good. At any rate I have a shopping list together of what I need and it should be fairly easy to get stuff together.

We also worked on some stance issues and he showed me a new (to me) sword position of right up front instead of behind which is what I was doing. I kinda like it though my arm gets tired from holding it up, but that’s only because I need to strengthen it up.

He pulled out some helm padding from one of his helms and we put it in my new helm and I got to wear it. Wow. That helm looks fiiiiiiine! I really like it. Almost hate to use it in fighting since I know how much it’s going to get pounded!

He is a Senior Marshall so we talked about marshaling stuff. I had mistakenly thought that if you were at an inspection and a Marshal deemed your armor not okay that you were done for the day. I didn’t realize you had the opportunity to fix it then return for re-inspection. He said it was a good idea to return to the same Marshal though, which was good to know.

The next night I went to a Gate class held by the Fire Mountain Keep so I can volunteer at Dragon’s Down in a couple of weeks.  That was a bunch of fun. They are a really cool group and very welcoming. You’re always nervous going into an established group but they were really great. I have signed up for two gate shifts but will volunteer where ever else they need me.

Need to come up with some garb. Been looking online and found the linen Roman style pants that I have been wanting so I’ll get those ordered right away. Need to pull out my clothes today and see how close I am to fitting in those again. And I need to fix up my gambeson.

All and all, things are moving right along…


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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