Medieval Meltdown

So, been gone since April. Just sort of lost touch with my Path. I’d think about it, but couldn’t bring myself to get active and do anything. So many issues but the fact is, I’m here and I’m ready to push forward.

I’ve been having some delays. Getting a shield made has become more difficult than I thought it would be. Been trying to do that since before April. I think I have a lead now, at least I’ll know in a couple of days. If not, then I’ll move on to my next option. My worry is that I won’t have one by end of August for Sport of Kings.

Ironically, I haven’t had a lot of luck with SCA stuff in general. I’m hoping it’s just the being a newbie thing again and people are distant because I have to prove I’m serious about coming back. Then again, if I can’t get the help to get back, how do I show I’m serious?

I put out an email today on the fighter list asking about help getting my armor into shape – basically seeing if anyone does an armor workshop in the area. I hope I get some bites. I can’t re-fit my armor on my own, I tried today. And it doesn’t fit like it did when I was in shape. Oh and that’s another thing.

I have avoided doing so many things because of my weight. Like not going to events, not going to fighter practices. I’m embarrassed to even admit it here but I need to. Maybe I can get some more support if I let it all out. So, if I can refit my armor to my weight now, then I can get to practice and start working.

The best news today is that Sport of Kings registration opens in… 2.5 hours from now. Duke Thorin, actually HRH Thorin is teaching a track that I want to take and Duke Paul is teaching another track on the second day that I want to take. So I’ll be waiting right here online at 5:59 p.m. to get those classes.

I did get my banner though. Here is the final product:

I’ll be submitting this as my device. The only feedback I got was that they may not like the crescent moon at the bottom, but I’m going to try and go for the argument that it’s not a primary piece, just a small secondary.

Got my blue card so I’m ready to go as an SCA member as well as fighter ready.

So, my big plans had always been to wait until I got ship shape to actually go to fighter practice and events, but I’m missing out on stuff now. So, I’ll suck it up, and just go and have fun. People can accept me or not, but I just want to fight. And as I work my way down weight-wise, hopefully I gain some support among new friends.


About Livia Tasia

I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. You can do it! I’ve seen some events and in the kindoms I’ve see not everyone is in shape. Infact most weren’t! You’ll do fine!!!

  2. Thanks Kristy – you make a great cheerleader!!! 🙂

  3. Kerryk Wolfram

    Well Tasia, You are welcome here in Hauksgarðr whether you are a newbie, or an old salt! We’re having an event on August 6th in Cascade Locks. Nominally a demo, but we should have lots to do and see! Let me know if you want more info about it!

  4. Kerryk I would love to hear more about that event!! And thanks!!

  5. Kerryk Wolfram

    No problem m’lady! August 6th, from 10am-6pm. There will be a potluck, A&S displays, a populace choice A&S contest, a Silent Auction, Bardic, fighting (2 tournies if we get enough fighters!), bash-a-knight, most period and populace choice cooking contests, and whatever else we can come up with for the day! We’re going to be in the Cascade Locks Marine Park in beautiful downtown Cascade Locks! (About 30 miles East of Troutdale/Gresham) No site fee, just sign in at gate and have fun! Because it is a demo-type affair, we aren’t on the calendar, so pipe up if you have any questions!

  6. I used to live in Cascade Locks. 🙂 Is there something I can do to help at the event? Would love to be there!

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