Banners, memberships, armor and more!

So I found someone who makes banners out of your device in the Classifieds on the Armor Archive. I cannot believe for as long as I’ve been a member there I’ve NEVER cruised that section. There are so many great armorers and merchants!

Now, I haven’t submitted my device, but was told recently it should pass fine. I have to re-draw it (ugh) and hand color it, then figure out how to describe it and then I can submit it along with my name. For my non SCA readers, you can submit your name to have it be official within in the SCA and you have to send historical documentation on your name. Got that all done. And you get to create a device to represent you. This is mine.


The black warhorse represents Solon, the crossed Roman swords, for my love of all things Roman and the crescent moon. You have a few choices with the coloring. I’d rather have chosen purple and black but they aren’t contrasting enough. So I went with black and gold.

So this will be made into a banner that you can see in this link – don’t they do a fantastic job?

I also got my SCA membership updated again, so that is cool. And I didn’t know they had updated the Known World Handbook last year so I ordered a new copy of that.

I found a gentleman that makes basket hilts. I really really wanted the black and gold one but that was spoken for. 😦 So I am getting an all black one. Now I need to get some rattan so I can make a back up sword. My shield measurements were sent to my shield maker so as soon as he gets caught up on projects my center grip round shield will be done.

Still need to get the supplies to pad my helm. That will be the big project.

Learned about an interesting new pain-free system called Egoscue. Duke Paul is a certified trainer and spoke of it in his forum on the Armor Archive. Then several other people spoke up about it and they have really benefited from using this system. I’m ordering the book today and then will be working with Duke Paul more on the specifics of it.  Here is the link if you’d like to check it out:

As far as practicing – I’ve been really concentrating on moving and the other points I mentioned in my recent blog about the mistakes I have been making. Oh and holding my breath. I have got to figure out how to breath. You would think that it wouldn’t be difficult to remember?! But for some reason I find as I’m working through my drills, I am holding my breath, then I get a bit light-headed. I’m so focused on my slow work, that I don’t ‘think’ about not holding my breathe.

So, not really sure how to work around that, but I’ll just keep trying to focus on more than one thing at a time. Move/breathe, move/breathe. Crazy!!

I want to say thank to the folks following this blog. It is really encouraging to me when you leave comments and suggestions. And if this helps anyone else out, I’m grateful for that as well. I’ve got a long road ahead, but it’s a good long road and I am just so excited. Oh, and I’ve lost another three pounds. Fitting in that armor is getting closer and closer each week!



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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. Amen about breathing, I find when im not holding my breath I do a lot better. Nice blog, keep it up 🙂

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