Mistakes – yeah, making a few…

I want to pass on the name of my armorer for my kick ass helm. Black Diamond Metal Arts. They’ve updated their website some extra cool armor they have done. I highly highly recommend them.


So onto today’s subject. Mistakes.

It’s interesting how when you are making them it doesn’t seem bad until you realize what you are doing, then correct it and how much more perfect everything is. That is the story of my life the past two days in my discussions with Duke Paul and reading over his site. Especially of importance his Appendix on Common Problems, because I have hit almost EVERY issue he lists.


The least obvious to me, but the biggest differences I am seeing after correction are:

  • Feet in line
  • Stepping with blows
  • Arm not cocked
  • Abdomen not tensed properly

I imagine once I get back to fighter practice I am going to run into this:

  • Using too much arm
  • Poor distance control

And really interesting after watching Duke Thorin’s video several times is the fact that I have always been facing my opponent, NOT his weapon. Even against my pell, that sure seems to be making a difference with my hip movement.

It was like a complete ‘aha’ moment. And I’m reading and re-reading it all like crazy. I noticed the abdomen issue change right away once I focused on pulling those muscles in like they should be.

I tell you, even if you are an experienced fighter, if you have not reviewed his fighting school, writing, I highly recommend it. I have the problem of being a very visual person and often feel stupid to have to continuously ask for clarification but between him, Duke Thorin’s video and the folks over at the Archive, I’m starting to feel like I’m really getting it.

I am really looking forward to making the practices. I am missing out on an opportunity for an armor workshop at Malek’s house this weekend, but duty calls and I must help my mom and aunt move. That should make for a good work out though.

This is where all my info goes into. My pink, yes pink, fighter book. Not because I like pink, but because that was what they had that was going to work. I copy out all the important posts from the Archive, including who said them and the date and past them into this book along with inspiring pictures.

I think it’s kind of cool that I have Duke Thorin there on the front cover of the book. Now I need to add Duke Paul as soon as I can find a picture of him.


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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