You Wish I Hit Like a Girl

I think that was a motto of one of the female online groups at one time. I can’t remember which one to give the credit too, it may have been Iron Rose? Or something like that.

At any rate, another great subject came up on the Archive. Initially it started out about the kid in Iowa that refused to fight the female wrestler.

Then it sort of moved to fighting women in armor. It was an interesting if a bit confusing discussion. I was of the opinion that a fighter is a fighter no matter what. I was asked if the fighters I have worked with really did fight me as just a person in armor. I had responded, yes they did.

And out of curiosity I wrote to the Kingdom list asking them. Not because I was concerned that wasn’t going to be the case, but because I wanted to hear their input. My personal experience, none of the guys treated me any different from any new man in armor.

The number of responses I have received so far is crazy. All types of fighters, Knights, squires, even His Majesty weighed in. And the response was, females are treated as any other fighter. I received responses from some female fighters who said they have never had a problem being treated differently. Some of the men stated they’d get their asses handed to them if they brought anything less to the field.

Sword fighting isn’t like wrestling, but I guess the concept of hitting a girl is still there. So part of me wants to accept that there are men out there that see it as dishonor to a lady to hit her at his full game (or wrestle her for sport) and part of me sees it as a dis. A way of saying, I’m not bringing my A game to you because you’re not worthy of it. And when I say A game, I don’t mean hit as absolutely hard as you can. I mean your skills and good clean shots.

I’m a long way from anyone’s A game right now, but each day I look more and more forward to getting on the tourney/war field and doing my best to prove my mettle. I feel confident knowing that when I get back to practice the guys will still see me as just a newbie in armor. And hopefully I can make them and myself proud.




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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. One of my favorite compliments came from one of the (male) fighters in my local group. He said, “I used to have trouble hitting women until I met you.”

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