Round Shield Grips

So as I continue on my quest for getting a round shield made, I’ve been thinking a lot about the grip. I prefer the heater style forearm grip rather than the center grip, but I don’t like the heater style shield. So I wrote an email on the my local fighter list and it turns out there are fighters that use the heater style grip on round shields.

I’m hoping to find out more information on the comparison of the two. Are their cons to having a heater grip on a round shield? I like the idea of carrying the weight on my entire forearm. And maybe that will help with my shield dropping/roaming issue a little bit.

When Sir William was working with me, he tied my shield arm to my body so it couldn’t roam, which helped me to learn to block in a manner where my shield was actually protecting me.

My habit is pushing my shield arm completely out, leaving the arm open to all kinds of shots.

My other question is shield punching. It seems there are differing opinions on this. My understanding is you can’t punch with the shield, but when does the ‘block’ crossover into a punch?

In really kick ass great news, the shield my mentor Knight gave me is making its way back home to him. I am so excited. He’s getting back into fighting. This is the best news ever. He’s going to make some newbie fighters very happy and well taught with his knowledge and he’s going to make a great opponent for the experienced fighters. I am so so so very happy at this. I just wish he was back in An Tir!!!!!


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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