While your down there….

Kill me if you can!!!

I can’t fight from knees. I couldn’t even before three knee surgeries. I remember how Sir Tiernan has this wicked stance he gets into where there is absolutely no way to hit him. Maybe one of the other Knights can kill him from the ground not me.

Sir Caius spent what was a probably frustrating half hour working with me on fighting from the ground. I just couldn’t get it.

I don’t even understand why there is that rule. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. I’ve been searching online for the origins but haven’t come across anything. Maybe because it adds an extra amount of time to your fight? Where you’d normally be dead, you can continue to fight.

I rather just say, alright you legged me I’m dead. Now, a real fighter would probably go down and keep fighting and maybe that’s how the rule began. Then there is the option of hopping or what I was told you put your injured leg/foot on top of the other injured leg foot. But one of the Archive members said that was ridiculous so maybe someone was pulling my leg with that one.

I can’t kneel on anything soft let alone concrete and armored knees. So, if I get hit, I’ll just have to yield the fight. I’m not going to announce it. Though if any An Tir fighters read this they would know that about me. Maybe I could try the hopping, but I’d be so concerned with balanced I’d get killed anyway so, might not be much point with that.

I envy the guys that can still throw wicked shots from the ground. Wrap shots where you are like, where the hell did that come from? And then you are sitting on one butt cheek at work the next day. I thought of getting mouse pad butt cheek armor, see if that could make a difference.

This is a pretty cool picture of two ‘legged’ fighters:



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  1. Fighting from your knees is hard. no doubt. I hate it. Then again, I got used to it. It’s awfully hard on your knees/ ankles.

    Like the rest it takes time for those muscles/ joints to get used to it.

    AnTir is one of the “Nicest” kingdoms when it comes to fighting legged people: most allow you to step in wayy closer, circle you or just stay the hell away and stuff you from a distance. (Well…to be fair the latter is pretty common everywhere).
    At least in AnTir they make a strong attempt in closing with you and fighting you from a “fair” distance.

    There’s a bit of a trick to fighting from your knees.

  2. Yeah, the guys get a real good distance so you can actually have a fight. I don’t remember much about having to lean out to get to anyone. But by the time I knew it – I’d gotten a wrap to the back of the head.

    Should just call me Tasia Wrapsbane. I hate those shots!!!

  3. The history of knee fighting goes back to the early days of the Society. A good leg shot used to end the fight, thus you would have a whole series of fights where fighters were crouched under their shields, flailing away at legs. Not very visually appealing, so legs got treated like arms. Disabling, but not fight ending.

  4. Thanks for the reply! Very interesting. I could see continuing the fight as long as you could. If you really had your leg ‘legged’ you’d still be fighting. Makes sense.

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