Hitting too Hard

So in my mass amounts of reading on the Archive, I’ve come across many discussions on the level of hitting. Sir Diglach mac Cein wrote: If people are hitting too hard with any weapon, then those individuals needs to be dealt with. My question would be, how do you deal with that?

I’ve seen what happens to a person who tells someone they are getting hit too hard. They end up getting hit harder. Now, our core group of Knights/fighters don’t do this, but I saw it from others. However, by the time the person got done with ‘the lesson in telling’ they didn’t even want to deal with our guys for fear of being ‘a pussy’.

I got smacked around so hard once my bell got rung. It was seriously like the cartoon where both of your eyes going round and round in different directions. I kept thinking, ‘my armor will protect me, my armor will protect me’. It did. I didn’t get seriously hurt, just sick to my stomach. I mentioned to him that I was still new and that was a little more intense than I felt ready for.

His response? “You’re armored up, you take what you are given”. So as not to enter the realm of ‘pussy’ I went two more rounds with him and I swear he upped his game even more. That is when I came home with this:




Nice rattan shape there!

I kept dropping my sword arm because I was tired, but I was damned if I was going to stop and give the intention that I was wimping out. After this bout, I contacted my helm armorer and ordered a shiny new pair of shoulder armor. Can’t wait to try them out.

So, it was my fault, because I wasn’t armored like I should have been and my skill wasn’t where it should have been. Even though I tried to tell him it was too much, and he didn’t acknowledge it, I wasn’t going to tell the other Knights.

I step on the field, I get what I get. But, it would really be nice if people didn’t feel like they had to hit so hard they knock you into the next century. I’ve seen Sir Tjorkill and Sir Caius and Sir Tiernan plant wicked shots that killed you but didn’t ‘kill’ you.

So still the question, how do you really deal with it?



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  1. Especially in practice there needs to be a dialogue going on. What’s working, what’s not. What you are seeing, what THEY are seeing. Calibration talk is a part of this.


    In practice above all it is about learning.

    Even after 19 years of this I still occasionally came home with big bruises. Sometimes I get tired and start short-cutting my defense, leaving a predictable hole that gets exploited…repeatedly. That’s not necessarily being hit too hard, but being hit over and over in approx the same spot.

    Sometimes I zig when I should have zagged: walk right in to the sword and it really sends me for a loop. It happens. We’re recreating a very violent act and it has to be done carefully, but there’s NO way to ensure something doesn’t go sideways 100% of the time. That’s not necessarily hitting too hard either, but simply a fluke of unscripted movement and physics.

    Getting smacked, consistently hard? Getting rung regularly, now that seems like someone has an issue with calibration and it should be easy enough to talk about…if ego wasn’t involved. The problem, to really be a problem needs to be identifiable and easy to see reproduced in order to address it and fix it. Everyone slips on occasion. But if those “slips” become regular enough to be expected…maybe that needs looked at.

    One of the main barriers to conversation on the field, or hell, really anywhere is ego. That shit needs to be checked at the door. If you try and talk to someone and they give an attitude, you need to get some help. Grab the closest knight (which should have his attitude in check) and let him know the sitch. This isn’t being a crybaby or a pussy or anything. This is a safety issue. People get hurt doing this.

    NO FEAR.

    Again…devil’s advocate, be ready to have your own calibration called in to question too. Your ego/ attitude needs to be stowed too.

    Everyone on the field needs to be considering safety at all times. We want to kill our friends, not hurt them.

  2. You and the other guys would give me consistently more intense reminder shots when I was dropping my shield or stepping where I shouldn’t and those are gladly welcomed. And I don’t really have too much of a problem with a hard hitter.

    We’ve always had hard hitters (unless you tell the Knight and they work to your level). It’s when you tell someone and they respond the way that guy did. I wanted to run right to Tjorkill and ask him if I was out of line to ask for a little less intensity but just didn’t dare to.

    What I had to fight in that instance was getting pissed off myself. At one point I really wanted to beat the crap out of him and I had to step back and get my mind right. That’s when I mentioned to him about the level of his hitting. He was an out of town visiting fighter. I screwed up my knee again and had another surgery and haven’t been in armor.

    Great advice and well read.

  3. It’s ok to say to Tjorkill (or anyone for that matter) that “hey, I’m coming off injured reserve, can we take it a bit easy.” or “Hey, easy there, I’m just coming off an injury, throttle it back.”

    There’s nothing wrong with that.
    Injuries suck and they take a while to recover from.

  4. Yeah, the main core guys have always been really cool about injury issues. Especially the ones that have had similar injuries and can give you points about how to make a successful comeback.

    Getting older blows!

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