Fighting in wars

Is something I’m not really interested in. Now, that said, I’ve never actually fought ‘in’ a war, but have done several war practices. One practice was really cool formations that I will never reveal since they were secret to the group and I ended up getting hurt right after I started, but so cool.

My very first war practice amounted to learning how to get stepped on during a war. I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t actually some weird hazing thing, but I laid down with my shield over me and let the guys run over the top of me. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

As to why I’m not interested in the real thing, I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories on the Armor Archive and at different practices about wars. I like the idea of one-on-one rather than a group of people. And it ‘seems’ there is a lot more underhanded and unchivalrous behavior that occurs at these wars.

Some of those horror stories are actual Pennsic bridge battles but still… just looking at the pictures of those events makes me cringe.

It would seem you have to have some pretty
damn good focus to fight in this!

Being able to focus fully on the guy in front of me, sounds like the better deal. But, I’ve also been told, that I’ll feel differently once I am actually in a war. So, maybe…

Fighter Update 0r What the hell have I been doing to work toward my goal??

Reading. Lots of reading. Plus I am getting my calorie intake and my exercise outtake dialed in a little better. I have five more weeks of elbow physical therapy to go, but I’m going to start swinging my sword around with my left hand and see how that feels.

I always hear that left handed fighters are pretty intense to fight (only have fought one and so far there’s truth to that, but at that point, every fight was intense!). There might be some benefit to being able to fight with both hands.

The Armor Archive (link to the right) has a weekly weigh in with a bunch of participants so that will provide a lot of support too.

I am also trying to memorize and understand the rules of the list. That will be another topic though.






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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. Kerryk Wolfram

    M’lady, I too have been told for years, you’ll see war fighting differently when “xyz happens”. Nah, I’ve been fighting off and on for about 20 years now, and I still prefer the tournament to the warfield. I’ve done small wars, I’ve done An Tir/West, they all seem pretty much the same. The chaos, the incompetency of the commanders, the ineffective manuevering, the chaos, the failure of a unit to stay cohesive and focused on their assigned abjective, and the chaos are all just annoying as hell to me. The long walks back and forth from ressurection point, the heat, the dust…… No, I prefer the tournament, the one-on-one challenge, the potential for the pageantry. That’s where it is for me! That being said, I have attended workshops, fighter practices, war practices, and “The Art of War”, I’ve come away with gems of knowledge. And being the most experienced fighter in our brand new Canton, I bring those gems back and share them with our aspiring fighters. Granted, Estrella and Pennsic are both on my “To-Do List”, and MAYBE that will change me…. I’m open to new experiences. But I will always thrill to hear my name being called to the list-field!!

  2. Eric Gillins (Rubrius Erasimus)

    Interesting…I find war fighting to be more my style. Always liked being on Germanicus’/Njall’s left as we rolled up a line…Different strokes, I guess.

  3. = Combat Archery is awesome 🙂 stand to the back and pick off your targets….

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