SCA Basics for my non SCA readers

A lot of my non SCA friends have been asking questions about the specifics so I’ll use this page as a reference page to the main blog.

I’ve already described the SCA and what it is in the main blog so I won’t cover that again. SCA fighting involves a few different styles. Heavy fighting, archery and rapier (fencing). I won’t be discussing the hot topic of archery/combat archery or fencing because I have no knowledge of either style. My love is heavy combat or heavy fighting.

Each Kingdom has a set of rules regarding armor and fighting. There is a certain amount of armor you must wear to protect yourself against other fighters. People design their kits based on the persona that they are recreating with the SCA.

Fighters use rattan swords wrapped in duct tape with a variety of hilts (base of the sword that protects the hand. They use a different shield styles and some use no shield at all.

Fighters go to weekly fighters practices in and outside of where they live. There are events year round but fighting mostly takes place during spring/summer/fall. There are war events and individual tournaments. Twice a year (depending on the Kingdom) there is a massive event called the Crown event where everyone fights and the last one standing gets the Crown and becomes the King or Queen of the Kingdom for the next term.

Picture from a war:

Some of the basics:

If you get hit in the arm, you ‘lose’ that arm.
If you get hit in the leg, you ‘lose’ that leg then you must fight from your knees like depicted in this picture:

If the fighter on the ground were to ‘leg’ his opponent, then
that fighter would also have to go to his knees.

Makes for interesting fighting to say the least.

I have yet to fight outside of a practice but I’m sure looking forward to it! I’ll add more to this page as I get more questions. I’ve still got a ton to learn myself. But this gives you a basic overview.


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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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