The Good, Bad, Ugly – SCA Memories


I’ve had a lot of interesting times during my SCA participation. Here are just a few:
The Good –

  • First fighter practice I went to I got to hit Sir Torfin with a sword in the head. He kept saying hit harder! I kept thinking I don’t want to hurt you! I still was unsure of the sturdiness of the helm. So I whacked one. I fell in love right then. With the fighting not the Knight!
  • My first event I went to was an A & S event.  I was greeted by  Sir Edward and he kissed my hand. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.
  • When I was going to first going to practices I befriended Grainne, much to her irritation! I was like a little gnat that followed her everywhere always asking questions. I knew she was thinking, “who is this weird woman”, but I thought she was so cool, so I just persisted. And she became a good friend of mine. I learned so much from her.
  • My brother came to an event and was helping everyone who asked anything of him. It was his first event and he had such a great time. At Court King William called him up and he was like, ‘what do I do’? and the only thing I could think was, ‘make sure you bow’! He went and bowed and called King William “Sire” which got a chuckle from the King and those around him. My brother was presented with a coin which was cool.
  • Working with Sir Tjorkill was another great highlight. I had been talking about issues on the email list and I got the opportunity to work with him later that night at practice. It was so amazing. He’s just a fantastic teacher and was really patient.
  • Taking my horse to an event was a real highlight. We participated only at the walk because he was still really young and uncoordinated. It was a blast. The kind of sucky part was one of the Officials told another rider they should do the games at the walk because they could ‘take it’ and the scroll was really nice. I was bummed – I figured that you should participate at the level your horse was and they were more than capable of doing it at the other gaits. But, that aside, it was such a fun time and Solon got so many compliments about his warhorse prowess!

Solon was really concerned about just what this little guy was
and what he was wearing!

Working the rings!

The Great Warhorse!

The Bad –

  • It’s not really a bad story, more of an irritating one. After having proved myself as going to stick with the fighting scene and getting my kit together and making several practices I was sitting on the ground getting my gear together and a Knight right next to me was asked who I was and he had replied ‘she’s a sword bunny’. I was so pissed. One because he was one of my favorite Knights and two because I felt I’d worked really hard to prove myself.I stopped going to practices (which only hurt me). I thought, well if that’s what he and anyone else might think, screw this. I ended up starting back to practice a couple of months later and at an event, the story came up and another friend told the Knight who came and asked me about it. I could tell he felt really bad. He indicated he had just been joking around. I still regard that Knight very highly though.

The Ugly –

  • When I first came to the SCA I met with a woman from another Barony to help me with garb ideas. I had brought some pictures I had seen in movies and she politely told me that they wouldn’t do. At a later event, I over heard her talking to her friends about the ridiculous pictures of clothing I had thought to use for garb and they had a good laugh about it. I still don’t particularly care for that person to this day.
  • At my same first event, I was approached by two ladies who proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with my garb. I indicated that I was new and that didn’t seem to have any effect on them. And of course they chose to do it in front of a group of other people so I was completely embarrassed by that.
  • The night my fighting career was first sidelined by my knee injury. I was fighting Sir Caius and stepped to the right and happened to step on a rock which caused me to bend my knee at a sideways angle. There was a loud crack and down I went. I thought they were going to cut my armor and I kept telling them no. They determined it wasn’t broken and I ended up going straight to the ER. Luckily it was left knee so I could still drive. Sir Caius was the only one that contacted me later to see if I was okay. I still kind of wonder at that.

There are many other great memories and not so great, but these stick out most. I’m looking forward to making many more memories as I work my way back into Society. Solon is retired as a warhorse, he outgrew the horse trailer. But he is happily retired.

Vade in pace.


About Livia Tasia

I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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  1. What exactly is a sword bunny? i think it sounds kinda cute xD I thought Solon was all afraid of smaller horses? xD he didnt seem to mind the one above.

    Once you get all better with your knee and stuff you should start this up again or something =D

    • It took awhile to get him up to the pony! People were watching and laughing because he was so afraid and he’s such a big horse.

      Yep, definitely am going to be starting up again, the point of this blog will be to document me getting through the injuries and back into armor. You’ll have to help me!

  2. Do you still have Solon?

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