>What is the SCA?


Since I might have some readers that are thinking ‘What the heck is SCA and what is all this fighting she is talking about?’ I’ll do some explaining!

The SCA or Society for Creative Anachronism is a medieval reenactment society. It is not like Ren Faires where you will see trolls, unicorns, elves etc. It is a group of people creating their time period and personas pre 17th century. At any event you might see Romans, people portraying Elizabethan styles, Norse and much more.

The SCA has several Kingdoms and you can find your local area here:

SCA Kingdoms

There are events year round. Many Kingdom websites have a calendar of events. The Kingdom I live in is An Tir and their calendar is here:

Kingdom of An Tir Calendar

When you show up at an SCA event you can rent ‘garb’ (medieval clothing) as it’s preferable to not walk around in mundane (modern) clothing like you might at a Ren Fair. The following link is a Newcomer’s Guide to the SCA. You can always go to an event to learn more too.

Newcomer’s Guide

The SCA is made up of the most fantastic people! They come to events and even if you don’t know people they are welcoming and treat you like they’ve known you for years. It’s a great atmosphere. In the summer there are many camping events with wars, individual tournaments for Fencing and Heavy Combat, bards, merchants, horse events. In the winter there are a lot of great feasts.

Heavy Combat is another term for swordfighting. They use rattan sticks as swords, wrapped in duct tape and you fashion your armor to your persona. Mine is Greek/Roman.

Because of basic minimum armor requirements it is not entirely accurate, but as close as I can get (although I need to make some adjustments).
Here are some action shots for Heavy Combat:
As you can see pretty intense and wicked fun!
If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments. There are so many groups that there is sure to be one in your local area. The groups have monthly meetings and many Officers that are more than happy to answer your questions. Plus there are numerous email lists you can be a part of.
Vade in pace.

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I love horses, fantasy, writing, the SCA, swordfighting, Mercedes Lackey.

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